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Alcohol Detox in New York City (NYC)

Alcohol Detox in New York City (NYC)

Seeking Alcohol Detox in NYC

New York City’s Alcohol Detox Options

Heavy alcohol use can damage relationships, ruin careers, be devastating financially and can lead to numerous health complications, but you do not have to suffer needlessly. If you are one of the 400,000 people in New York City that is currently struggling with heavy alcohol use and are in need of alcohol detox in NYC, there is help available for you.

There are hundreds of alcohol detoxification centers in New York City that can offer assistance. Some alcohol detox centers are funded by state and federal agencies and others are private centers that can help you whether you have insurance or not.

When you have been using alcohol heavily and continuously, you will likely experience withdrawal symptoms as your body adjusts to being alcohol free. Detox is the removal of chemical toxins that have accumulated in your system from alcohol use. A detoxification program is critical in helping to ease the withdrawal symptoms for individuals experiencing detox. In addition to nausea and vomiting, sweating, irritability and irregular heartbeat, sometimes individuals experience the DTs or delirium tremens. If not treated correctly, the DTs can cause convulsions and even result in death.

Inpatient medical detox is the safest place to go through alcohol detox. While most alcohol detox providers use oral medications to help with withdrawal symptoms, Gallus Detox uses IV therapy medical detox to ensure that just the right amount of medication is given to you to not only address your withdrawal symptoms from alcohol cessation, but also to keep you comfortable at the same time. IV therapy medical detox is issued under the care of physicians, nurses and technicians and your condition and progress are watched 24/7.

After you have successfully completed detox, you may want to learn a method to help you move forward in your life free from alcohol problems. The Freedom Model Private Instruction is a revolutionary program you can do at home after you have successfully detoxed to help you to ensure you will never need to detox from alcohol again. If you would like more information on The Freedom Model’s at-home solution, you can contact us 888-973-9596