The Freedom Gallus Partnership – An Alliance for Long-Term Success

World-class detox services coupled with The Freedom Model Private Instruction Program – get detoxed safely and then, when you return home, receive our 12 one-on-one video conference sessions over the course of the following 6 weeks with a Freedom Model Instructor. Detox comfortably and then learn The Freedom Model. No more steps or meeting, just One-Step – making a choice to leave addiction behind for good! It is important to get physically healthy AND mentally supported with research and tools when you go home. That is the Gallus Detox/Freedom Model partnership – it’s time to Leave Your Addiction Behind!

Some people who contact us here at The Freedom Model request detoxification services for their addiction issues. This is especially true of those who struggle with physical dependence from alcohol, benzodiazepines, opiates and Medication Assisted Treatment medications (MAT) such as buprenorphine (brand name Suboxone) and methadone. To address this need, The Freedom Model has partnered with Gallus Detox exclusively. In 2011 we interviewed dozens of detox facilities from across the country with the goal to find the best detoxification facility in existence. We chose Gallus Detox as the best in class, with their proven effective IV therapy coupled with their time-tested results and positive patient reviews.

In addition to being medically dangerous in some cases, the pain of withdrawal makes continued drug and alcohol use more attractive. This presents an enormous obstacle to those who are ready to make a change in their habits. With world class detoxification treatment from Gallus, you can then begin to see your habits in the clearest light, without the threat of withdrawal pain distorting your perspective. Then, The Freedom Model can take you the rest of the way, showing you how to make your changes permanent. 

“I want to get off of Suboxone.”

“I want to get off of Methadone.”

This is something we hear all the time. In addition to alcohol, opiate and benzodiazepine detox, MAT detox is another area where Gallus stands above the rest. Gallus Detox is one of a mere handful of detoxes nationwide that provides detox for those who are serious about getting detoxed from their medically assisted therapy regimens such as Suboxone and Methadone. Very few detoxes today will help people become truly MAT free. But Gallus listens to their patient’s requests and knows there are those who want to be truly drug free. They provide a path to do just that – even with those who have been on Suboxone and/or Methadone for long periods of time. While most detoxes focus their services towards getting people on a MAT regimen, Gallus offers an alternative –they serve those who want to go down a different path – to be completely drug free. So whether it is to be detoxed from the overuse of alcohol, or Xanax, or MAT – Gallus Detox has an effective time-tested solution – proprietary IV therapy; The Gallus Method.

Are you ready to Leave Addiction Behind You for Good?! If so, call Danny Wike, your Freedom Model Consultant directly at 888-973-9596 and set up your Private Instruction Sessions today.