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Speak to an addiction expert? Call 888-973-9596

The Freedom Model Addiction Treatment Videos

Information about The Freedom Model

What is Non 12 Step?

Mark Scheeren, Chairman of Baldwin Research Institute and Co-Creator of The Freedom Model, discusses what makes The Freedom Model different than traditional treatment modalities, and why this is important for you to know.

Steven Slate TEDx Talk: Our Relationship to Addiction

Addiction treatment doesn’t cure addicts, it creates addicts. Our current approach fails by teaching helplessness. We can help by changing our attitudes, and treating problematic substance users as capable rather than helpless addicts. Steven Slate is the co-author of The Freedom Model for Addictions. He’s authored articles on addiction for textbooks with McGraw-Hill and others. He is the Senior Research Fellow and Director of R&D at Baldwin Research Institute working to create the best solution for problematic substance use.

You Don’t Need Lifelong Addiction Recovery

Perpetual recovery is a bleak concept in the Addiction Recovery Field. Chairman Mark Scheeren discusses how to attain freedom from drug addiction without the need to continue a life of perpetual recovery. We all know someone who identifies as in recovery even after years of being sober. This cultural idea of being in recovery years after using drugs just doesn’t make sense. The Freedom Model can help you gain lifelong freedom from the constructs of addiction and help you live the life you truly want to live in order to be happy.

The Foundation of The Freedom Model

Mark Scheeren, Chairman and Co-Creator of Saint Jude Retreats & The Freedom Model, discusses the three pillars in which The Freedom Model are built upon: Free Will, Personal Autonomy, Positive Drive Principle (PDP). Understanding these concepts and philosophy have helped thousands escape the addiction, treatment, and recovery seen in today’s drug treatment facilities and drug rehabs. The Freedom Model is the definitive alternative to drug treatment and drug rehabs.

Information for Families of Substance Users

Your Child’s Addiction is Not Your Fault

Do families need to you walk on eggshells around an addict or alcoholic family member? Michelle Dunbar, Executive Director of Baldwin Research Institute and co-author of The Freedom Model for Addictions and The Freedom Model for the Family, addresses the misinformation given to families of people struggling with addiction.

Codependency and Enabling: The Freedom Model Perspective

The addiction treatment industry model often tells families they are enabling the substance user and are codependent. These false labels typically cause more pain and family turmoil. In this video, Michelle Dunbar, co-author of The Freedom Model for Addictions and The Freedom Model for the Family discusses how this methodology is flawed and can harm already strained relationships. The Freedom Model not only offers a solution to addiction, but we also work with families separately to present them with the truth so they too, can be free.

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