Want to speak to an addiction expert? Call 888-973-9596

Speak to an addiction expert? Call 888-973-9596

Testimonials and Reviews

The experience was great!  Danny was a huge help and great person to work with on so many levels!!


I feel that the freedom model was a very good program that presented a safe environment to work through sometimes difficult topics and Danny my instructor was very knowledgeable of what he was talking about.


As a person who had trouble with a very serious addiction that nearly killed me, this Program opened up a new way of thinking for me to move on and start an entirely new chapter in my life, free of any hold addiction had on me.


I wish more people knew about this! The information is invaluable, it’s things I’ve always felt to be true and now I see the research that confirms it. It’s been a game changer for me! So much more excited and happy about life now.


Danny is candid, realistic and encouraging.


A lot of time is spent deconstructing addiction mythology. That’s understandable and great, of course. I do feel that more emphasis could be placed on the possibility of the freedom for abstinence. There’s a long explanation for that but, basically, if someone is taking the course that’s probably a choice to spend some time with.


The Freedom Model presents straightforward information to set you free to make your own decisions and lose the idea that you must be in “recovery” forever. It is a definite and needed challenge to the current model of treatment followed by lifetime recovery.


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