Whether you’ve tried everything else to solve your substance use problem and failed or this is your first time seeking help, The Freedom Model Private Instruction Program can show you exactly how to leave addiction behind you for good.

In 1988, Freedom Model Program developer Mark Scheeren walked into an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting and his life changed forever, but NOT how you may be thinking it did. He met a researcher, Mr. Jerry Brown, who told him that he was NOT powerless over alcohol nor had he ever been. Being raised in and around the 12 Step Program, Mr. Scheeren knew what he was saying was heresy in AA and the addiction treatment world. Regardless, it was in line with his own thinking so they began researching how people successfully solve their addiction problems in more detail.

From those humble beginnings, The Freedom Model Program was born more than 30 years ago, and since that time it has helped more than ten thousand people stop their addictions and transform their lives.

If you’re trying to leave addiction behind you for good and you don’t want to go to meetings, attend endless addiction therapy sessions, or go to a long term rehab, The Freedom Model Private Instruction Program is for you.




Addiction treatment whether inpatient or outpatient primarily consists of group therapy sessions. With The Freedom Model’s Private Instruction Program via video conference, we have found that working one-on-one with a Freedom Model Instructor is far more effective. Personalized Freedom Model Instruction means:

  • You have total and complete confidentiality!
  • We work at your pace.
  • Can be done on the road, in your home, or wherever you want to have classes.
  • We tailor the program to fit your goals and needs.
  • We focus on areas and topics that provide you with the greatest benefit.
  • You will have complete freedom and confidence to ask questions and have meaningful discussions.
  • You can start your private instruction via video conference while still at detox!

We will help you figure out exactly what you need to do to move forward in your life and leave addiction behind you for good.