You can leave addiction behind and move on. No one else – no rehab, no treatment approach, 12 step model, MAT approach, or other therapy model – allows for you to move past addiction in One Step. You can take that one step – you can choose to move on, but it takes understanding the correctly researched information to make that step. Over the past 30 years we developed The Freedom Model to do just that.

From the comfort of home, The Freedom Model Private Instruction Program will:

  • Provide private, one-on-one sessions with an addiction expert to guide you and help you leave addiction behind you forever!
  • Show you how to move on from the trappings of addiction and perpetual recovery.
  • Debunk the disease concept of addiction. Systematically dismantling the idea that people are enslaved to substances clears the path to freedom.
  • Present empowering research that shows you are capable of solving your addiction for good.
  • Show you how to analyze your choices based on benefits rather than consequences – this tool is a powerful part of our method!
  • Zero judgment! We understand your reasons for use, and we can help you to evaluate your strong preference and change your habit.

Are you ready to Leave Addiction Behind You for Good?! If so, call Danny Wike, your Freedom Model Consultant directly at 888-973-9596 and set up your Private Instruction Sessions today.